Our Philosophy

Since enrolling on a University Course, I thought about trying to find a separate source of income which I would be able to sustain during my studies as I’ve always been determined to have my own income especially since moving into my own home, but as I have a disability most employment aimed at students is out of my reach.

SAMESIS was born one day during the Covid 19 lockdown, what started as a logo drawn on a notepad in biro became a website selling a few select pieces of clothing. Very quickly I realised that I was trying to enter a competitive field which yielded little return, so I thought about what other products I am knowledgeable in and be able to market successfully…

I don’t feel fully dressed without a pair of eyelashes on, therefore I like to think I know a good pair of lashes, I redesigned samesis.co.uk and I researched and found a reliable manufacturer to create the first five styles, the lashes are all handmade with love and every pair can be worn infinite times if properly cared for. Each pair is unique and vegan-friendly and I would never sell any style without testing them first myself.

People living with a disability are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people, so without my team of personal assistants (the glam squad) I wouldn’t be able to have moved out, secured a place at university or started this venture so naturally the names of the lash styles are dedicated to them. -Kartier xo